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Biological Age Test

A product of Health Reviser Software, this test gives insight into your health. 

Biological age is one of the most important aspects of health to understand. Why? It indicates how healthy you are rather than how many calendar years old you are. It often differs greatly from your chronological age; your biological age may be higher than your current age!

You can control or even reduce your biological age by making changes to your lifestyle, like exercise and nutrition. Monitoring your biological age allows you to see the affects of your lifestyle choices on your biological age.

How it Works

The test takes about 1 minute. A pulse wave sensor is attached to your earlobe or finger, sit comfortably and relax while you follow simple instructions. You'll be asked to take 6 deep breaths in one minute. Your body's reaction will be analyzed and compared with results from a vast database of healthy individuals of your age group.

Your autonomic nervous system, (ANS), controls most of your body organs and it can detect internal or external positive or negative, impacts and react accordingly. The more sensitive your ANS is the younger your biological age is. When your ANS sensitivity becomes weakened by stress or sickness the test will show this through slow reactions, or an absence of your body's reaction.

Q.R.S.  - Quanton Resonance System

A pulsed electromagnetic device that was first manufactured in Germany. This system creates low pulsed magnetic frequencies that stimulate cell metabolism and increase oxygen assimilation. 

In turn, it also helps to remove toxic chemicals, 'electrosmog' and waste from the body.

Spinal Inversion

Spinal Inversion is a process where one hangs upside down to apply resistance to the spine and stretch the spine. Spinal Inversion can help alleviate and treat back pain as well as treat the negative effects aging can have on the spine.

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