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Maintaining Your Most Valuable Possession

Maintaining Your Most Valuable Possession

Dr. Thomas I. Miles, DC, BS, CCEP

Do you know what body system or part receives the best maintenance care?

If you guessed your Teeth you are right! 

But you most valuable body system or part is clearly your spine and nervous system

 Your teeth and your health 

Teeth are not that important, not really, not compared to your spine!   Really, you could theoretically improve your health by pulling out all your teeth.  What?  I’m not promoting this, but if you had no teeth, you could embark on a raw food juice diet and improve your diet and your health in many ways.  Let’s face it; teeth are, to a large extent, about vanity . . . and very practical, convenient tools to have around!  How many thousands of dollars would you spend to fix a severe alignment problem with your child’s teeth?  What if you didn’t have a few thousand to spend?  You would do what Nike recommends, just do it!  

Maintenance dental treatment is the best!  Especially those early visits as children.  The importance of brushing and flossing really hits home.  We buy into the importance.  It saves us lots of pain and money too!  However, your dental care is only a small portion of a wellness planed wellness program.  A wellness chiropractor can instill a lifetime of good habits for your young ones.  We find things to tune up or adjust, identify potential problems, recommend exercises, and even help their TEETH by applying sound nutritional practices, body detoxification, etc.


Chiropractic And Your Health

Let’s face this simple fact, your spine and nervous system is by far you most important body part or system, and it needs maintenance, just like your teeth.  Now for another fact -- great health is not the same as feeling pain free . . . not even close!  A heart attack is often the first sign something is wrong with your heart!  This world would be much better off if everyone had a chiropractor as their spinal specialist & personal health consultant, whether we have symptoms or not!  Your spinal health is obviously a major focus of your wellness plan at HEALTH FIRST, but there are many other areas we concerned about, primarily your diet and physical fitness.  Because your spinal health may be the most overlooked aspect of your wellness plan, let’s take a closer look at it.

The importance of your spine and central nervous system cannot be overstated!  It’s the only system totally enclosed in bone.  It controls all movement, sensation, and every other systems of your body, your thoughts, your immunity, your circulation, every system . . . even how you drive your CAR!  Your spine holds up your body against gravity, but more importantly it houses your vital nerve center.  It is like the hard drive of your computer, it controls everything.  It can not repair itself or be replaced.  When the hard drive fails nothing else will work. 

Maybe it is time to invest in your spine and nervous system, and hire a chiropractor as a spinal specialist -- wellness director.”   What if you spent a fraction of what you spend on your teeth for your spinal care, nutrition, exercise therapy, massage therapy, etc.?   Would it be worth it to you -- even if you do not feel too bad yet?! 

Please feel free to schedule a visit at the Health First Wellness Center to learn what we can do for your Wellness Program, call Dr. Tom Miles at 610-647-2940.  

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