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Your Most Valuable Possession Isn’t Your Car

Your Most Valuable Possession Isn’t Your Car

Dr. Thomas I. Miles, DC, BS, CCEP

Do you know which of your possessions receives the best maintenance care?


 If you guessed your car you are right!

Now, let us take a closer look at this.  I will not undervalue your car, but rather stress how much more important your spinal health and a wellness program are.  This article is intended to make you think about priorities.  Today is a good day to start putting your HEALTH FIRST.

 your car and your health 

Yes, your car receives much better maintenance than the average human body, but imagine what lengths you would go to maintain your car if you were given only one car for your entire life. . . with no spare parts!  Would you balance and rotate your tires more regularly?  Would you lubricate all the moving parts consistently?  Would you change the oil more than every 3,000 miles?  Would you become a student of “car maintenance for ultimate longevity?”  If your mechanics said it will cost you $1,000 per year to maintain the car would you hesitate at all about the investment? (Have you ever added up the many thousands you send per year for your car - bank payment, gas, insurance, repairs?)                                     


Would you wait for things to break down and try to fix them as they occurred?  If you couldn’t fix the car properly (remember no new part allowed) would you just give up and say it’s too old - these things happen?  Would you stay at home or would you rely on others for your transportation?  Would you settle for dependence on others and a lack of freedom? 

Well, we ARE given only ONE body!  Now what do you want to do with it?!  What will you do when your spine wears out?  How many of us will avoid maintenance of our body if it involves any investment in time or money?  Why?  Maybe you have convinced yourself your health is OK and you do not need any help.  Well, for most of us, it’s not OK and not properly taken care of!  Consider your body for what it is, something in need of repair, and MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR CAR -- even if you were given only one car for your whole life!   We can help you develop a wellness plan which includes: proper diet, exercise, sleep, air, water, body structure/balance, mental health, body purification, etc.


Chiropractic And Your Health

We all know chiropractic is great for orthopedic complaints, sore spinal joints, arthritis, and tight & painful muscles.  But is there more to it?  There sure is and it is time you believe in the power of the nervous system and chiropractors ability to optimize it.  You say you understand chiropractic.  OK, are you bringing your kids in for adjustments and education about maintenance of the body or are you waiting for them to have the same problems you have when they turn 40?!   Maybe it is time to accept the truth; your body does need maintenance care just like your teeth and car!

Maybe it is time to invest in your spine and nervous system, and hire a chiropractor as a spinal specialist -- wellness director.”   What if you spent a fraction of what you spend on your car for your spinal care, nutrition, exercise therapy, massage therapy, etc.?   Would it be worth it to you -- even if you do not feel too bad yet?! 

Here is the bottom line

Please take more interest in your own health.  I mean vibrant, energetic, long term health!

Learn HOW important it is to care for your body, and HOW to care for it!  

Then use that knowledge to motivate yourself to take consistent action in that direction.

Use professionals in natural health (personal training, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.) for treatment, education, motivation, and to create your own wellness plan or roadmap to optimal health.

Remember, health is a process not something from which you graduate.  It is a journey that is never complete, but the results can be very very rewarding.

At Health First your health is second . . . to none!  We believe ideal health is created by a partnership between you and your health professionals.  Health is a precious gift for each one of us.  The body is truly a marvelous self healing organism, but it sure helps to have a plan for maintenance and wellness.  

Please feel free to schedule a visit at the Health First Wellness Center to learn what we can do for your Wellness Program, call Dr. Tom Miles at 610-647-2940.  

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